Worship the Way You Want

Grace is home to people with different tastes in worship. Some like it early, some late. Some prefer a casual atmosphere, others like it more formal and traditional. Some people want worship to be interactive, some like less participation. At Grace, we offer three services each Sunday. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to provide worship that is meaningful and inspiring. Come as you are, whoever you are; you are welcome here.


9 AM Casual

If a casual gathering in an intimate setting is your style, then our 9 AM Sunday morning service might be for you. Meeting in our chapel, the music is a blend of traditional, gospel and contemporary Christian. The worship is less formal, and that lends itself to a more personal connection.

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11 AM Traditional

Sunday mornings at 11 AM, we gather in the sanctuary for an hour of inspired, energy filled worship in the traditional style. Attention is dedicated to the children in worship, and they have their own "children's church", too. Beautiful stained-glass windows and a grand pipe organ contribute to the inspiring worship.  


6 PM Questions

If you have questions about faith or scripture, or are searching for a time of informal, open worship, visit our 6 PM gathering. We meet in the chapel, sing songs chosen at the moment, pray for the community, and discuss the day's scripture. Holy Communion is served each week. All faiths welcome.

"God is spirit, and it is necessary to worship God in spirit and truth. "

- Jesus, John 4:24